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Patient Responsibilities

Patients are responsible for...

Keeping Appointments
And for notifying the center in advance when unable to keep appointment(s).
Following the medical provider plan of care
And for seeking clarification when necessary to fully understand health problem(s) and the proposed plan of care.
Providing complete and accurate information
Concerning identity, demographics and insurance. The patient is also responsible for answering other reasonable questions that will assist Contentnea Health in providing appropriate care and obtaining payment. This includes reviewing and signing all necessary consents, financial agreements, or other documents the facility requires.
Bringing your Medicaid or Medicare card
And any other insurance card at each visit.
Providing accurate information
About your present illness, medication, past medical or health history including any hospitalizations or any changes in your condition.
Supervising your children
Both inside and outside the facility. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Children under 12 should not be left unsupervised if at all possible.
Making financial arrangements
Regarding your bill at the time of service.
Conducting yourself in a courteous, friendly and respectful manner
Toward other patients and staff.
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